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Learn Hebrew’s most popular 500 words with these printable Hebrew worksheets AND pronunciation guides!

Hebrew Worksheets

What Will I Get?

More than 500 Hebrew Worksheets printables.

Print those Hebrew worksheets long and often as you need to. There is noway you won’t know these words by heart after repeating them that much!

Worksheets, though old as nobody knows, are still relevant language learning methods; thus, they are still used continuously for hundreds of years. Nobody ever gave up!

Hebrew Worksheets Audio

More than 500 Hebrew words pronounced to match the worksheets.

How convenient is it to have every single Hebrew word you are learning to write with these worksheets pronounced for you? Very convenient!

These words are recorded from the very heart of Israel by Israeli native speakers.

Upload the files to your phone, to your iPod, to your music player, to your computer, or whatever device you need to listen on.

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