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No matter how many people would question the existence of Jewish history in the region, the fact remains, the marvelous ancient Kingdom of Israel was there, and it was shining like day! Since you are looking for ancient map of Israel, you probably believe it did exist, but let me tell you that it wasn’t the only Jewish kingdom in the region…
The ancient Jewish kingdom was formed by King Saul (aka Shaul, שאול), that is referred to as “United kingdom of Israel”, he managed to get all the tribes under his rule and form a relatively-stable Jewish kingdom on what we know as “eretz yisrael” or “land of Israel”.
Later on, came the two great and famous kings, King David and King Solomon, the kingdom started to flourish and rise during their reign, and the Jewish people started to feel, for the very first time, that they are a majority of a great political system.  Here is a map of the Kingdom of Israel united monarchy:
ancient map of israel
However, those old good days didn’t last for too long,  it was just a matter of time that the United Kingdom of Israel was divided into Kingdom of Israel (Northern Kingdom) and Kingdom of Judah (Southern Kingdom).
Here is another ancient Israel map, but this one shows the divided kingdom that turned into two political entities, Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah:
ancient israel map

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