Einstein has finally become a real “public” figure

Einstein Ad that General Motors made and got the Hebrew University completely nuts
Ideas are sexy yes, but suing is surely not!

After decades of the Hebrew University’s dominance over the commercial use of Einstein’s images, a California court has ruled that the copyright of Einstein’s pictures expires after 50 years of the man’s death.
That kind of makes sense, there is a fine line between copyright protection and suppressing freedom of expression.
The court stated that this 50-year period  “appropriately reflects the balance between meaningful enforcement . . . and the public’s interest in free expression. Einstein is thoroughly ingrained in our cultural heritage and that at some point needs to be available for expression and not just as a possession, even for tasteless ads.”
The ad, as you see, shows Einstein’s face on a muscle body that reflects “sexiness” and reads “ideas are sexy too”, it was General Motors who made it up and used it.
However, though I believe that the ruling was just. I still find it funny to see this…
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

General Motors vs The Hebrew University
General Motors

VS that

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