God in Hebrew

Names of God in HebrewThe names of God in Hebrew vary, however, there are a few names that god is best known for… Here are the most popular ones…

The Tetragrammaton; The Four-Letter Name:

The most popular name of god in Hebrew bible is “YHWH”, however, that name is so special and powerful to the Jewish people, it’s hardly pronounced or written in everyday life. This is how you write it in Hebrew:
With Niqqud (Hebrew vowels), it’s written like this:




Because the Tetragrammaton name can’t be used just like that, Jews have found a way to substitute it with a safe alternative, Adonai (Master). Written like this in Hebrew:
This is how you write it with Niqqud:

Hashem – The Name:

This is another way of avoiding saying the four-letter name. Hashem literally means “the name”, the name of god, of course. “ha” means “the” and “shem” means “name”. Here is how it is written in Hebrew:
Written like this with Niqqud:


El is rather a word than a name, it simply means “god”. This is how you write it in Hebrew:
You write it like this with Hebrew vowels:

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  1. I’m just starting to try to learn&understand the hebrew language,my girlfriend is of Christian Jewish faith&is part hebrew;she even knows the language&how to read it.

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