Haaretz English Edition

Haaretz English Edition
A few issues of Haaretz English Edition

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Haaretz is Israel’s oldest newspaper, first published in 1918, judging by that date, we can say that Haaretz is almost 30 years older than the modern State of Israel, which was born in 1948.
Haaretz, like many other newspapers in Israel and round the world, has lived in accordance to many contradictive ideologies. It was once socialist-oriented, right-wing oriented, pro-Zionist, anti-Zionist, and now it’s of a liberal-secular kind of newspaper. Actually it openly says that it has “liberal views on domestic and international affairs”.
Haaretz English Edition has been very popular ever since it went vital on the Internet a few years ago. Still the Hebrew edition of Haaretz is popular among Israeli who are in agreeing mode with the left and secular parties in Israel.
Haaretz says that it sells “75 thousand copies on weekdays and 95 thousand copies on weekends”.
In order to read Haaretz English Edition online, you have to either sign up for a paid account (I guess 1 or two dollars a week, 1 dollar for the first month though), or else you will be limited to read only 8 articles a day, something I strongly dislike about Haaretz.

Latest 10 Headlines in Haaretz English Edition. Constantly updated

Haaretz Headquarters and Logos

Haaretz headquarters used to be located in Jerusalem when the newspaper was first published, however, it moved to Tel Aviv early in its history.

Haaretz Headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel
Current Haaretz Headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel

Haaretz has shortened its name from Chadashot Haaretz (News of The Country) to just Haarez (The Land/The Country), and with that shift came a shift of logos, for a few times. Here are the various Haaretz logos over the years:
Haaretz logos over the years

Haaretz English Edition RSS Feed:

Here are a few RSS feed for Haaretz, you can subscribe to any of them, still I am not sure they will allow you to read all of their articles without a subscription (Haaretz LOVES money):

Haaretz English Headlines

Haaretz Domestic Israel News

Haaretz New for Jewish-Related Issues

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