Hanukkah Centerpieces

Food is very important during the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. Family and friends, even those who don’t sit together on a table for months, tend to get together during Hanukkah for some food.
Here you can find ideas for Hanukkah Centerpieces, some of them are available online, some are not.
You can also make your own Hanukkah centerpieces, just be creative and open. The typical Hanukkah centerpiece would be:
1: Having blue color.
2: Having silver color.
3: Having a star of david.
Here are a few Hanukkah centerpieces ideas to get your started…

A glass with Star of David sticker on it…

hanukkah centerpieces
This is very easy to do, all you need is just a big glass and a Star of David sticker. You can use it for various things, holding matches to light candles or the Menorah, holding additional silverware, some flowers etc.
This is available if you want to buy it online, but it’s really easy to do on your own, all you need is some creativity and a few minutes.

Blue and Silver Vase

hanukkah centerpieces
This is not my all-time favorite vase, but as we know, blue and silver are basically the colors of Hanukkah.
You can make “flowers” in the shape of the Star of David and put them into the vase.
This one is also available online.

Floating Hanukkah Candles

hanukkah candles
You can either float one candle in a cup in front of every single person on the table, or you can just put all the candle into one big cup of bowl and let them float in the middle of the table.
But since you probably will have a menorah on the middle of table, there won’t be much space left to put something there.
These floating Hanukkah candles are available online here.

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