Hanukkah Cup

hanukkah cupsWhen people realize that Hanukkah is just around the corner, the first thing they do is they run to their storage room and they try to find their Hanukkah Menorah! But they don’t realize they are missing out on so many other cool things they should get in Hanukkah. How about a Hanukkah cup?
I will try to concentrate on this section of the website on small, but yet very meaningful, things you should buy before Hanukkah strikes.
Please note: Some of the Hanukkah cups on this page are available online, whenever there is a chance I will give you a link to their manufacturer, however, unfortunately not every Hanukkah cup you will see here is available online!

Hanukkah Cups (Set of 8)

hanukkah cup
This is a set of 8 cups, They are sold for around $2.00 and they have a 76% discount, they used to cost something around 6 bucks
I am not really sure what exactly they are made of, however, they are available on Amazon if you want to take a look at them.
hanukkah cups buy

Hanukkah Cups (Set of 8)

hanukkah cup
Again this is another set of Hanukkah cups for parties that I have no idea what they are made of, still they are available on Amazon for 2.99

Hanukkah Cup Lighting Up with Menorah Picture.

hanukkah cup
This cup lights up at the bottom with a drawing of a menorah and the message “happy Hanukkah”.
I never bought that cup, but it looks to me like a great one, plus, as far as I’m concerned, it’s washable.
It’s also available on Amazon for $3.90
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