Hanukkah Inflatable Decorations

Here are some notable Hanukkah inflatable decorations for you and your kids during the beloved Festival of Lights.

Inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel

hanukkah inflatable decorations
This Dreidel is a big Hanukkah inflatable deco, it could be put anywhere in the house or the workplace, only your imagination is the limit!
The dimensions of this inflatable drediels are:
Length: 12″
Width: 12″
Height: 24″
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Another Inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel!

hanukkah inflatable decorations
This is a more colorful inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel for your deco.
27″ of height.
Available on Amazon

Inflatable Hanukkah Duck!

hanukkah inflatable decorations
How ducks became a Hanukkah symbol is completely beyond my comprehension!
However, this rubber ducky doesn’t look too bad for a Hanukkah pet!
Available on Amazon

Inflatable Star of David balloon with a Menorah on it.

hanukkah inflatable decorations
This is an inflatable Star of David with a drawing on a Hanukkah Menorah on it. It also reads “Happy Hanukkah”.
Size: 23″
Available on Amazon

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