Hanukkah Pictures

Here are a bunch of Hanukkah pictures of famous celebrities and politicians who celebrate our beloved Jewish Festival of Lights…

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Hanukkah Pictures

Just like almost all Israeli observant Jewish politicians, Benjamin Netanyahu always celebrates Hanukkah in public, lighting Menorahs, visiting public places, addresses the nation etc etc. There is nothing more available on the internet than Pictures of Bibi Netanyahu lighting Hanukkah menorahs.
hanukkah pictures benjamin netanyahu
hanukkah pictures bibi netanyahu

Tzipi Livni’s Hanukkah Pictures:

hanukkah pictures tzipi livni

Barack Obama’s Hanukkah Pictures

Though US president Barack Hussein Obama is not the closest friend of Israel or the Jewish people, still he hardly passes any Hanukkah without making big appearances and taking pictures for the media. Here are a few pictures of him “celebrating” Hanukkah.
hanukkah pictures barack obama hanukkah pictures barack obama

2013 Hanukkah Pictures: Benjamin Netanyahu Posts Hanukkah Greeting Card on Facebook

2013 Hanukkah Pictures: Benjamin Netanyahu Lights Hanukkah Menorah Candle

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