Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew

Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew
Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew. Photo credit:dugrinet.co.il

Our happy Hanukkah season is once again around the corner! Exciting as you might be, you just want to pull out a few Hebrew words to celebrate that Festival of Lights. Sorry, Diwali, it’s not you this time.
To say Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew you literally say “Hanukkah happy”. Let’s break it down.
Happy = שמח = Sameach
Hanukkah = חנוכה = Chanuka
Together they make the magic Hebrew phrase:

חנוכה שמח!

Hanukkah Sameach

It’s not a secret that Hanukkah is personally one of my favorite seasons of the year, and it’s just wonderful that it falls in December, very close to new year’s eve, which I am fanatic about as well.
Enjoy the holidays and don’t let anything stop you from being as happy as you deserve to be.
Now that you can say Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew, how about taking it a bit deeper? Learn the Hebrew numbers, colors in Hebrew, days of the week in Hebrew or even months of the year.

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Author: Trey

While working on my Bachelor Degree of Arts in Hebrew language, I realized how far apart today's spoken Hebrew is from the Hebrew you study in your tradition school. After my search for an online Hebrew dictionary that provided modern-day vocabulary with pronunciation was in vain, I decided to start this one in 2013 with my then- life partner, Adam. Today, some of the words here are pronounced by native speakers I hired, some pronounced by me, some by my native-speaking ex and some by colleagues at the university. We haven't been able to get everything recorded, but we hope we have covered most of what you are looking for. If there is a word that you suggest inclusion, please write me.