Happy Passover in Hebrew

Do you want to know how to greet your Hebrew-speaking friends on passover? learning how to say happy passover in Hebrew isn’t that hard!
To say happy passover in Hebrew, you say “pesach sameach” . You write it like this in Hebrew:

Click the player to listen to this word:

פסח שמח

Let’s break that down. Happy Passover in Hebrew part by part:

פסח = pesach = passover

שמח = sameach = happy

How to say passover itself – or passover holiday

You should note that…

To say happy passover in Hebrew you literally say “passover happy”.

In Hebrew we put nouns before their adjective, contrary to what we do in English.
Same we do with “passover holiday”, we say “holiday passover” – chat hapesach instead; even though the two words are nouns.

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