Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet Chart, Worksheets and Song
Download the free Hebrew Alphabet Worksheets.

Here I will introduce you to the Hebrew alphabet, they are really beautiful and you will enjoy them very much once you get familiar with them.

To start off, let me warm you up with this Hebrew alphabet song. Listen to it then continue reading, there is much more to come…


P.S. If you like the song you can download it here for free. But please note that I do not own it, it’s the wonderful Debbie Friedman who should get all the respect and love for it

Now for a slower version, I got the hebrew alphabet recorded for you here, one letter at a time:

א – aleph

ב – bet
ג – gimel
ד- dalet

ה – heh

ו – vav

ז – zayin

ח – chet

ט – tet

י – yud

כ – kaf

ל – lammed

מ – mem

נ – nun

ס – samech

ע – ayin

פ – peh

צ – tsadik

ק – kuf

ר – resh

ש – shin

ת – tav

Now that you know how the Hebrew alphabet sounds like, why not take the time to master writing it? You can easily do so with my easy free Hebrew alphabet worksheets. Print them, do them, and send them back to me for a check up! I will be more than happy to receive your “homework” 🙂 Download the free worksheet booklet here.

The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letters, written from right to left. Letters are usually written right on (notebook) line, some letters break this rule and go below the lines, these are: ף – ך – ץ – ן, whlie the Jod/Yod is written way above the line, just like the Latin apostrophe (י).

7 thoughts on “Hebrew Alphabet”

  1. Hello, this is great! I’m just wondering if people who speak Hebrew typically know how to write the name of the letter in Hebrew? As that does not happen in English.

    1. Hey Sarah,
      Yes, educated Hebrew speakers can write the names of the letters in Hebrew. basically because these names have a meaning themselves. (I.E. everybody knows how to write “דלת” which is the name of the Hebrew letter “daleth” and on the other hand, it means “door”).
      But hey, that’s a very smart question. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    it sounds like there are some letters missing in the chart. For example, in the song it says, “alef, bet, vet”, but there is no vet in the chart. That’s confusing… Are those some kind of special letters, and how do you write them?

  3. Adam,
    Thank you for this great site. I have been learning Hebrew praise and worship songs and want to learn so much more. I have a question, though. On the alphabet worksheets, you have two symbols written and repeated. Does Hebrew have upper and lower case like we do in English? That was the only thing I could think of for why there were two symbols for each letter.
    I am 59 and have wanted to learn Hebrew for a very long time but never seriously until now.

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