Hebrew Birthdays

Ideas for turning your birthdays all Hebrew!

Are you as crazy about Hebrew and Jewish culture as I am? Unlike people who are crazy about a certain color who can’t paint everything around them in red or blue for instance, we CAN color everything around us in Hebrew! AND it still would look good! And here I will show you how to color your birthday in Hebrew!
It is kind of hard to find Hebrew, Israeli or Jewish accessories unless you live in Israel or a Jewish neighborhood in the USA. But we are still lucky that the internet has gotten everything closer than ever, right? Here is how you can cheaply find ideas to cheer up your Hebrew birthdays! Almost all available on Amazon. I have gathered most of them in one shopping window for you on Amazon, check the prices out here then come back to continue reading (link opens in a new window).
Let’s start…

Star of David Birthday Cake Pan.

Hebrew Birthdays Cakes!
Hebrew Birthdays Cakes!
Star of David Pan.

A cake is the heart of birthday parties, if it is possible, then why not have your cake in this wonderful all-Jewish shape? It is feasible and even easy.
Of course you have to be able to bake your own cake before you lay all the blame on the pan (kidding!). However, you can always try to find the cake receipt here or there. Or as a last resort you can ask someone to bake it for you and provide them with the pan.
To be honest, being an Egyptian man, I never thought of baking a cake, however, if you are not a man or an Egyptian,  you might be able to give it a good shot! It is always worth it!

Star of David Birthday Candles

Hebrew Birthdays Candles
Hebrew Birthdays Candles
Star of David Candles

Some people find this idea offensive (all they see in it is just Star of David burning) If yes, then just skip it. If you find it okay, then it would be much fun, specially if you could find these glowing candles. It’s all about quality time.
Most of these candles come in sets, this one in picture for instance comes in 12-candle set, I guess.
Explore different kinds of candles and pick the one you like the most. For me, these ones look perfect to my eyes!

Star of David Sprinkles

Hebrew Birthdays Sprinkles
Hebrew Birthdays Sprinkles

You will have to use your own judgement with this. I honestly dislike sprinkles a lot. However, they still fit the theme.
“Doh! Come on, what is it with you and Star of David?” you must be thinking. I am sorry, actually Star of David is one thing that defines a Jewish soul and a Hebrew-language lover.
Anyway, I will try to mix other shapes and ideas, we won’t depend solely on the Star of David shapes, I promise.

Paper Crown Reading Happy Birthday in Hebrew

Hebrew Birthdays Crown
Hebrew Birthdays Crown

By the way, happy birthday in Hebrew is “yom huledet sameach” written in Hebrew like this
יום הולדת שמח
click here to find out how to say happy birthday in Hebrew in full details with pronunciation.
This idea might be best for younger folks (heck and even older ones, eh?)

Hebrew Birthday Songs

Hebrew Birthdays Music
Hebrew Birthdays Music

Yeppie! How could a birthday be a birthday without music? You can actually sing the traditional happy birthday in Hebrew, you can find instructions here. I have recorded a sample for you in my humble voice (ahem).
However, there are some Hebrew birthday songs and albums, I heard there are a few albums out there, but I have heard only one myself, I honestly didn’t become a big fan of it! BUT the track titled “Birthday, Happy Birthday” is one track I fell in love with! I heard it like 100 times, my iPod hated me for that!
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Hey, care to share more ideas? How do you celebrate your (or somebody else’s) birthday? Do you try to find more Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish ideas? Or you just learned to go with the flow and have birthdays just like everybody else around you? I would love to heard more from you.
Use the box below to send me a message, and tell me if you are willing to share some pictures of a birthday party that you made that had some Hebrew style somehow.

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