Hebrew Conversation 1: Mona and Nadia Talking

Hebrew Conversation 1
מונא: אני מקוה לך חיים טובים ודרך הצלחה
Mona: I wish you a good life and a successful way!

Please note: This conversation is here for those intermediate Hebrew speakers who can at least read some Hebrew. If you are still a beginner, you will love my free Conversational Hebrew course. Click here to check it out.
This is a conversation from my university Sichut (Hebrew conversations) book. This conversation is between two girls. Mona from Egypt and Nadia from Syria. This is a good one, because you will learn how to say Egypt, Egyptian, Syria and Syrian. These words are very important in Hebrew, because that’s what the news is all about! Let’s begin..
Note that sometimes you’ll see a yod “י” after question marks, this means nothing, it is just my computer messing up.
The Hebrew Conversation:

שיחה בן נדיה ומונא

נדיא: את ממצרים?י
מונא: כן, אני מצריה. ואת?י
נדיא: אני מסוריה, אני סוריה
מונא: למה את מבקרת במצרים?י
נדיא: אני מבקרת במצרים ללמוד את הרפואה
מונא: באיזו אוניברסיטה את לומדת?י
נדיא: אני לומדת באוניברסיטת קהיר
מונא: עם מי את חיה?י
נדיא: אני חיה עם הדוד שלי
מונא: אני מקוה לך חיים טובים ודרך הצלחה

Hebrew Transliteration:

Sicha bein nadia vemona

Nadia: at mimitsrayim?
Mona: ken, ani mitsriya. ve-at?
Nadia: ani misoriya. ani soriya.
Mona: lama at mevakeret bemitsrayim?
Nadia: ani mevakeret bemitsrayim lilmod et harfuah.
Mona: be’ezu oniversita at lomedet?
Nadia: ani lomedet be-oniversitat kahir
Mona: im mi at chayya?
Nadia: ani chayya im hadod sheli.
Mona: ani mekava lach chayim tovim vederech hatslacha.

English Translation:

Conversation between Nadia and Mona

Nadia: Are you from Egypt?
Mona: Yes, I am Egyptian. And you?
Nadia: I am from Syria. I am Syrian.
Mona: Why are you visiting Egypt?
Nadia: I am visiting Egypt to study medicine.
Mona: At which university do you study?
Nadia: I study at the University of Cairo.
Mona: With whom do you live?
Nadia: I live with my uncle.
Mona: I wish you a good life and a way of success!

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2 thoughts on “Hebrew Conversation 1: Mona and Nadia Talking”

  1. Thank you!
    The conversation is very useful.
    It’d be better if there is an audio file, but the transliteration is very good.

    1. You are most welcome, May.
      Too bad I can not make an audio transcript of everything I post, it assumes MUCH time to do so here.
      I still like to think that the transliteration to be helpful.
      Hebrew is all yours, go and acquire it.

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