Hebrew Girl Names

Hebrew girl names and identity!

Hebrew Girl Names
Watch out when you choose a Hebrew baby girl name, you don’t want your sweet angel get laughed at in school! Play it safe and divine!

Who doesn’t want to give their newly-born baby girl (or baby boy) a Hebrew name today? Since the era of shame has gone with no return (European persecution era), more and more people came out showing interest and love for the Hebrew language and Jewish culture.
When you give your baby girl a name, it is not just a name, it is an identity, it is who she is going to be, who she will be friends with, who she will marry. It is whole lot of things.
However, we don’t have to through our girls in fire and ask them to fight! Be sure that the name doesn’t sound funny in your environment, she wouldn’t be always made fun of at school or she would be forced to give a short version of it because she is embarrassed to mention all of it. And can’t wait to turn 21 to change it herself.
Ask non-Hebrew speaking friends (also non-Jewish). How does this name sound like? Children would be most honest with this! Yep, ask non-Jewish children around you, maybe children of your neighbors or your friends. If they don’t make any suspicious moves, it’s safe. If they start laughing or something, then just think wisely.
I have come across that very nice book, it shows you how to find a good Hebrew name for your new baby. It doesn’t only have famous names like Abraham and Sarah, it really dig deeper than that. I know a few people online who already chose names for their babies from that book. It is available online. If you have read it, or if you will, please let me know what you think about it, so I can know if it is good to refer to more often or not. But as for me, I love this book.

However, to get you started, here goes top 35 Hebrew baby girl names and their meanings: (sorted alphabetically)

  1. Adiela: Ornament of G-d
  2. Alona: Oak tree
  3. Carmela: Vineyard
  4. Dafna: Laurel
  5. Danita: G-d is my judge
  6. Danya: Judgement of G-d
  7. Derora: Freedom
  8. Dorona: Gift
  9. Eden: Garden of Eden
  10. Eliezra: My G-d is my salvation
  11. Gal: Wave
  12. Gevira: Lady
  13. Hedya: Echo of G-d
  14. Hodiya: Praise G-d
  15. Ilana: Tree
  16. Yaakova: Supplant
  17. Yaffa: Beutiful
  18. Yitra: Wealth
  19. Yoana: G-d answered
  20. Kefira: Young lioness
  21. Kerem: Vineyard
  22. Maksima: Performer of Miracles (also could mean wonderful)
  23. Malka: Queen
  24. Mazal: Star
  25. Natania: Gift of G-d
  26. Ofra: Deer
  27. Penina: Pearl
  28. Ranya: Song of G-d
  29. Talma: Mound/Hill
  30. Tamar: Palm tree
  31. Temima: Honest/Whole
  32. Tikva: Hope
  33. Yisraela: From Yisrael
  34. Zahara: Shining/Brightness
  35. Zohar: Brilliance/Light

Oops, almost forgotten. I have gathered a list of Hebrew girls names from the internet and collected them in a small free e-book. If you want you can request it here, needless to say, for free. Too bad I lost that file 🙁 I am still looking for it as I told Rachel below (in comments), leave me a comment too with your email address and I will send you a copy of it in case I find it.
If you want, you can also share your experience with me. How are you going to name your next baby? Would you be hesitant before you give him/her a Hebrew name? How did you choose your children names so far? I would love to hear from you.

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    1. Rachel,
      I am very sorry to say that I am unable to find that book on my computer! It’s very sad I have spent days creating that ebook.
      I didn’t want to put it on the website because I felt like it wasn’t my own creation (collected from the internet) and look at me now, all my efforts have gone to waste!
      I will keep looking and will send you an email if I find it. Fingers crossed here…

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