Hebrew Letters You Probably Mix Up

Do you know how to read and write the Hebrew alphabet? That’s great, you are head and shoulders above others who still haven’t worked their way from aleph to tav. Still, the Hebrew letters can be confusing sometimes. At least a few letters are.
What I am trying to do here is to have these letters exposed to you, thus, I will use big fonts.

Hebrew Letters That Look Alike!

ר, ד and ך

(Dalet, Resh and Final Kaph)

Resh, Dalet and Final Kaph Hebrew Letters
Resh and dalet are so much like an identical twin to many of us. A good way to distinguish between them is to notice the upper right corner of both of them, one of them is very rounded (the resh) and the other is very sharp (the dalet)
On the other hand, to differentiate between final kaph and resh or dalet, you have to notice that the final kaph has a longer body than extends below the line, unlike resh and dalet.
Note that final kaph can either have rounded or sharp upper-riht corner, depending on the font. There is no rule here.

ב, כ and נ

(Kaph, Beth and Nun)

Kaph, Beth, Nun. Hebrew Letters
Another set of Hebrew letters that are hard to recognize for new Hebrew learners are kaph, bet and nun.
To distinguish between kaph and beth, you have to notice the lower-right corner of each letter. As you notice, kaph is rounded while beth is sharp and got like a small dash coming out of it.
Nun is often written just like beth, except for that it’s much slimmer than it.

ו, ז and ן

(Zayin, Vav and Final Nun)

Zayin, Vav, Final Nun. Hebrew Letters
In order to distinguish between zayin and vav, you have to notice the upper shape of each letter. zayin has a special shape, like an axe or something, while vav is simply curving towards the left, or sometimes it loses that curve and goes straight up.
To distinguish between vav and final nun, you have to know that final nun goes a bit below the line, since it has a taller body.

ח, ה and ת

(Heh, Chet and Tav)

Heh, Chet, Tet. (Hebrew Letters)
Last set of Hebrew letters that you probably would not get right are  heh, chet and tet. They look pretty much alike, except for that heh consists of two separate parts while chet is just drawn with one line.
Tet is pretty much like chet, except for that its lower left corner leans to the left when you write it.

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  1. That has worked for me 🙂 I’ve recently take up Hebrew and am learning it by myself despite difficulties 🙂 Toda rabah! 🙂

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