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People have believed for a while now that worksheets, as well as flashcards, are dead Hebrew language learning methods. I can understand those folks. In a world full of trillions of YouTube videos and learn-Hebrew-in-a-week useless e-books, who would  sit down with a pencil to study worksheets? Me! Yes, if I am the last person in the entire world to use Hebrew worksheets and flashcards, I would not mind that, I would just do it long as I need it. Hopefully you believe the same since you are reading this. I will have tons of Hebrew worksheets here for you. Just stay tuned (and subscribe for free if you haven’t already) and wait for more and more Hebrew worksheets. Anyway, here are a few that will keep you busy as I create more.

1- The Ultimate 500+ Hebrew Worksheets Bundle

Hebrew Worksheets Hanukkah Offer

Just what it says! More than 500 Hebrew words on separate printable worksheets for you to work on. With their pronunciation by both native and fluent speakers recorded straight from Israel.

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Hebrew Worksheets

2. Free Hebrew Alphabet Worksheets

I have collected a worksheet booklet for Hebrew alphabets. This is a great one for those who are still finding their way around the alphabets. I have both the script and the cursive alphabet forms on this booklet. Download the FREE PDF file I created just for you, print it out and study the worksheets away from the computer. Here are a few snapshots of the booklet, after you download the ebook, please fill it, scan it and send it back to me if you want to have a second set of eyes checking them out for you.
To get the printable version of these Hebrew alphabet worksheets, right-click here and choose save as.

3. Shalom in Hebrew (Printable Worksheets)

Download this booklet, print it and learn to write your very first Hebrew word.. Shalom! Both in script and cursive Hebrew.

  • Pages: 13
  • Prints on: Color and black-and-white printers.
  • Price: $1.99

3. Conversational Hebrew Lesson 1 Worksheets

Have you heard of my conversational Hebrew course? It is a course that I started a while ago and it targets complete beginners who want to learn conversational Hebrew. You can find the full lesson here. I am sure you will like it. Here is the worksheets of that lesson, in this worksheets we will learn how to write the words:

  1. שלום shalom (hello/bye/peace)
  2. מה ma (what)
  3. שלומך shlomcha (your peace, your well being)
  4. שלומי shlomi (my peace, my well being)
  5. תודה toda (thanks)
  6. רבה raba (many)
  7. ו   ve (and)
  8. שם shem (name)
  9. שמך shemcha (your name)
  10. שמי shmi (my name)
  11. אתה atta (you)
  12. נעים na’im (pleasure)
  13. מאד me-od (very)
  14. להתראות lehitraot (goodbye)
  15. טוב tov (good)

Download the worksheet here. (right-click and choose save as) I wanted to create tons of worksheets, for animal names in Hebrew, colors in Hebrew, careers in Hebrew etc, but I wasn’t sure what you would benefit from the most, so please be kind and leave me a comment saying what you would like to see here, and I will create the free worksheets that just fits your needs. And in case you really like these Hebrew worksheets here, you can always subscribe for free to my website and receive future updates.

4 thoughts on “Hebrew Worksheets”

  1. Thank you making this website.
    I just moved in with israelis as one is my boss and I am teaching the other one English and I am making it my goal to learn their language. I am only 21, but I perfected English with worksheets when I was young why fix something if it is not broken. All it takes is hard work and resources like these.

    1. Worksheets are really amazing. I always used them in whatever language I learned. You are still young and got a good chance of perfecting Hebrew as well. Go for it 🙂

  2. I teach in a Jewish day school and all my students know Hebrew. I love learning new things so I decided I want to learn Hebrew too. Thanks for the resources!

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