How to Say Help in Hebrew + Israel News About Philippines Typhoon

Help in Hebrew with Israel News: Archived picture of Israeli Soldier Helping a Lebanese Woman
Archive: Israeli soldier helping a Lebanese lady on the northern borders. IDF Soldiers aren’t new to the concept of help!

We all heard of that awful Philippines typhoon that has struck the very soul of humanity. Over 10,000 people were killed? That’s unbelievably sad…
Many governments have sent help, maybe the US and the UK are on the top of the list, but there is one tiny country that has always been there wherever and whenever needed… Israel!
Israel has sent a special team to investigate the “situation on the ground”, to see what the country there needs and work on providing the needy and rescue those who could still be rescued.

How to Say Help in Hebrew:

To say “Help” in Hebrew, you say izra, here is how you write it in Hebrew:
Here is how you write it with niqqud (Hebrew Vowels):
Here is the Hebrew pronunciation of it:
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Here is the story on a few Israel newspapers:

IDF sends assessment team to typhoon-struck Philippines (Times of
IDF Rescuers Leave for Philippines (Arutz Sheva)
Israel sends assistance to typhoon-ravaged Philippines (

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