How to Say”Prime Minister” in Hebrew. And News About Netanyahu Attacking Iran

Learn how to say prime minister in Hebrew
Bibi is ready to push the button, he said.

“I am, of course, ready to press the button if necessary,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said on November 6th.
This came after a controversial a report on Israeli Channel Two, said that back in 2010 Benjamin Netanyahu gave an order to the military to “be ready to attack iran in hours if necessary”.
That order was faced with big opposition from both Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Gabi Ashkenazi and the Head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan (both men who are no longer in office).
This statement of Netanyahu came after the administration of Barack Obama (who is ironically running on the same day for presidential re-election) failed Netanyahu when he asked the United States to put a clear red line for Iran, saying that “red lines do not make wars, they stop wars” back in his UN speech.
Done with politics, let’s turn to the Hebrew language
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How to say “prime minister” in Hebrew:

Just like the president is called “head of state” in the U.S., Israeli prime minister is called “head of the government” in Hebrew. This would be “rosh hamemshala”, written and pronounced this way:

ראש הממשלה

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The first word “rosh” means head, and “memshala” means government. “ha” simply means “the”.
ראש = rosh = head
ה = ha = the
ממשלה = memshala = government

Now let’s see these words in details:

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How to say “head” in Hebrew

The word “head” in Hebrew is “rosh” written and pronounced this way:


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How to say “government” in Hebrew

The word government in Hebrew is “memshala”, written and pronounced this way:


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You will often hear the phrase

משרד ראש הממשלה – misrad Rosh Hamemshala

Means “the Prime Minister office”. “mirsad” means office. Pronounced this way:
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Stick around for more Israeli news and Hebrew words to learn.

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