Learn Hebrew and find all you need about Israel news, maps, history and so much more!

Welcome to IsraelHebrew.com…
Hours, days, weeks and months have been invested in making this project possible, to make this THE place for those who want to learn Hebrew online.
But to learn Hebrew wasn’t the only purpose of creating this website, it was also destined to be a good place to understand the basic concepts of the Israeli society, learn about the history of Israel, Israel customs, Jewish traditions, and beyond… Baruch haba’im…

IsraelHebrew.com Radio:

Don’t you wish sometimes there was an Israeli radio station online that you would listen to when you get bored? IsraelHebrew.com Radio plays you the best and most entertaining Israeli music.
You can listen to the radio by clicking “play” at the left side of this page (look way up).

Hanukkah Traditions and Gifts Special:

Hanukkah MenorahAs you probably know the Festival of Lights is just around the corner (date here), so I decided to make a special Hanukkah corner here to help you have a happy Hanukkah!
Also check in Hanukkah Corner:
Hanukkah Traditions: This is pretty much the Hanukkah homepage, you can think of it as a hub for all Hanukkah-related pages.
History of Hanukkah: Here you can find a simple, yet detailed, explanation of the history of Hanukkah and the Maccabean revolt.
Hanukkah Gift: Here you can find Hanukkah personalized gifts, affordable and creative.

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