Israel Foreign Relations

When it comes to Israel foreign relations, people LOVE saying that Israel is internationally isolated. The question remains: isolated from whom? who doesn’t want to have foreign relations with Israel? Here are the answer to some of these questions.
Those countries that want to have nothing to do with Israel, actually have nothing at all! Those are usually the poorest and most corrupt countries on earth… true.

Countries that have no foreign relations with Israel:

israel foreign relations
Above is a map (from Wikipedia) that shows countries that do not recognize Israel in green color. As you notice, they are the smartest, most prosperous and most human-rights-friendly countries! Here are a few examples:
Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea…
Generally, all Arabic-speaking countries do not recognize Israel (except for Egypt and Jordan).
See how much Israel is missing out?! Doh!

U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel

US aid to Israel means so much to the whole Middle East. Israel and Egypt have the lion’s share of the US foreign aid. The reason is because the two countries are the probably the most important countries in the entire region, and they finally (in 1979) signed a peace agreement.Israel foreign relations (peace treaty with Egypt)
Photo (right): Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin making peace with the mediation of Jimmy Carter.

Israel Foreign Relations with Key States…

Israel Relations with Egypt:

Egypt and Israel aren’t the world’s closest allies, still they have a peace treaty that is essential to both countries.
The relationships between the two countries had some glitches every now and then during the various Israeli-Palestinian clashes.
Photo (right): Israeli Egyptian borders.

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