Israel National Football Team

israel national football teamFootball in Eretz Yisrael is older than modern Israel itself! Here are some information about Israel National Football Team, Israel Football Association (IFA) and Israel football generally.

Israel National Football Team’s official Hebrew name is:

נבחרת ישראל בכדורגל‎
Here is the detailed meaning of the name:
נבחרת = nivcheret = team
ישראל = yisrael = Israel
ב = b = in
כדורגל = kaduregel = football
It literally translates to “team Israel in football” in the sense of “team of Israel in football”

Football in Israel before the establishment of the Israel National Football Team:

Just like I mentioned above, football in the Land of Israel is older than the the modern state of Israel. So did those people play football? Or they had to wait for a homeland to start?
The answer is, they absolutely did not wait, Israelis are always in a hurry, right?
The so-called “Mandatory Palestine” had a football team called “Land of Israel National Football Team” or as some refer to it “Mandatory Palestine National Football Team”. That team was accepted in FIFA in 1929.
Here is how you write “Eretz Yisrael National Football Team” in Hebrew:
נבחרת ארץ ישראל בכדורגל
נבחרת = nivcheret = team
ארץ = eretz = land
ישרטל = yisrael = Israel
ב = b = in
כדורגל = kaduregel = football
All together would mean something like “team of the land of Israel in football”

Israel National Soccer Team Remarkable Players (current and former):

Yossi Benayoun

yossi benayoun

Ben Sahar

israeli footballer ben sahar

Yoav Ziv

Israel National Football Team Player Yoav Ziv

Avihai Yadin

Israel National Football Team Avihai Yadin

Gil Vermouth

Israel National Football Team Player Gil Vermouth

Tomer Hemed

Israel National Football Team Player Tomer Hemed

Omer Damari

Israeli Football Player omer damari

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