Top 7 politicians that Israelis like most. Which one would you like to spend an evening with?

Haaretz again made one of its controversial polls. This time, however, the poll is not about the upcoming Knesset elections, it’s a simpler question…

Who would you most like to spend an evening with?

The answers are not Britney Spears nor Sandra Bullock. Israelis had to choose between these politicians:

  1. Aryeh Deri
  2. Avigdor Lieberman
  3. Benjamin Netanyahu
  4. Naftali Bennett
  5. Shelly Yacimovich
  6. Tzipi Livni
  7. Yair Lapid

Haaretz Poll: Who would you like to spend an evening with?
Ironically, the answers were not identical to the latest Haaretz poll that asked “who would you vote for if elections were held today”, which means Israelis might like a politician very much but yet they would not vote for them to get a Knesset seat!
So, the top 7 answers were…

1: Benjamin Netanyahu! (20%)

The legendary prime minister of the state of Israel was ranked number one among all the names available in the poll. Netanyahu became more of a hero after the latest air strikes he operated against Hamas. Many Israelis saw Bibi (Netanyahu) as a national hero who would alone be able to defend the state and provide security.
The 63-year-old politician, according to the poll, is the one who Israelis would most like to spend an evening with.

2: Yair Lapid! (14%)

The handsome Israeli actor, news anchor (oops and politician!) Yair Lapid from Tel Aviv who founded a party called יש עתיד (Yesh Atid or There is a Future) came second to Bibi with 14% of Israelis would like to spend an evening with him. His whole party Yesh Atid got only 7% when the poll asked “who would you vote for if elections were held today”.

3: Naftali Bennett (11%)

The Israeli businessman and politician from Haifa who founded the right-wing הבית היהודי (Habayt Hayehudi or The Jewish Home) didn’t change his position in the polls, he got 11% here and also 11% in the elections poll.

4: Aryeh Deri: (8%)

The Moroccan-born controversial man of Shas who served for 22 months in prison for taking $155,000 in bribes, is back again in this poll with 8% of the poll participants saying they would like to spend an evening with him.

5: Tzipi Livni (8%)

Tzipi Livni has proven how formidable and popular she is in the last few polls, she founded her new party התנועה (hatnua or The Movement) just a few weeks ago and yet it scores! The recent polls show that her party will get around 9% of the coming Knesset seats while 8% say they would like to spend an evening with her.

6: Avigdor Lieberman (7%)

To be honest, I can’t imagine myself spending an evening with Avigdor Lieberman, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the guy, but I just don’t like how he talks, looks or sounds like!
However, today Lieberman was officially charged with corruption. Let’s see where these charges will lead him. I just heard on TV that he will be prohibited from taking any official offices, however, he still can run for Knesset.

7: Shelly Yachimovich (5%)

The 52-year-old leader of העבודה (haavodah or the Labor Party) came at the end of the list with only 5% saying they would like to spend an evening with her, however, when people were asked who they would vote for in the coming elections, 20% said they would vote for her party.
So, how about you? If you could choose a politician to spend an evening with, who would that be? My answer is Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Finance Minister.

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