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The Jerusalem Post Israeli NewspaperThe Jerusalem Post newspaper is one of the oldest newspapers in Israel. It is so old that it’s even older than the modern State of Israel.
The Jerusalem Post was first published in 1931 as The Palestine Bulletin, later became The Palestine Post in 1932. It adopted the name “The Jerusalem Post” in 1950, two years after the birth of the State of Israel.
The Jerusalem Post newspaper was a major supporter of the establishment of a Jewish state, and it often opposed the British occupation in the Land of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post Newspaper announcing the Birth of Israel
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper announcing the Birth of Israel

It wasn’t long before The Jerusalem Post made some people angry, very angry that they blew up a car bomb in front of its headquarter in Jerusalem (when it was still called the Palestine Post). Here is a picture of the aftermath of the explosion:
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper Explosion
The Jerusalem Post Explosion Aftermath.

Ever since The Jerusalem Post went online as the JPost with its website, it has become a major source for Israel news in English. Their website is ranked around 5000th most visited website in the world (among millions of websites), making it one of the top half per cent of visited websites online.

The Jerusalem Post Newspaper Headlines (real-time updates):

Here are the latest articles of the newspaper, they are automatically updated as soon as the newspaper publishes a new headline:

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