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jesus in hebrewSome people believe that Jesus is the Messiah, well, I cant say I do, but that’s beside the point. I still would like to teach you how to say Jesus in Hebrew:
The name Jesus in Hebrew is “Yeshua”.
Here is how you write it in Hebrew:
Alternatively, the name is also written like:

Here is how you write Jesus in Hebrew with Niqqud (Hebrew Vowels):

And here is the other alternative:

In case you don’t know the Hebrew alphabet, here is a list of the letters used in writing Jesus in Hebrew:

Yod – יוֹד
Yod is just like a “y” in English. It is sometimes pronounced like “y” in “many” or in “why


Shin – שִׁין

Shin could either be pronounced like English “s” (as in some) or “sh” (as in sheep)
It is pronounced like “s” when it has a dagesh on its left side, like this;
It is pronounced like “sh” when it has a dagesh on its right side, like this:


Vav – וו

Just like English “o” in “born” or “u” in “put”.
Vav is pronounced “o” if it has a dagesh on the top of it, like this:
Vav is pronounced “u” if it has a dagesh inside it, like this:


Ayin – עַיִן

It has a special sound that doesn’t exist in English or any other Western language.
However, a huge percentage of Hebrew native speakers in Israel pronounce it just like the letter “aleph”. Like A, E, O, I or U, depending on where it is in a word and what niqqud comes with it.

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  1. Thank you for the lesson and explanation on not just the letters but also explaining the vowels because the vowels can get complicated, especially when trying to pronounce them.
    Double thanks and blessing for doing this when you do not believe in Yeshua.

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