Learn Hebrew for Free Online

What is nicer than learning Hebrew for free online, whenever and wherever you want?

Though I am a HUGE fan of Pimsleur Hebrew, and I believe that if you really want to learn how to speak Hebrew you will have to go through Pimsleur at some point of your Hebrew learning experience, or will have to go to Israel for a few months! I still thought it would be a good idea to mention a few Hebrew learning methods that you could use for free. For a full list, you can visit the Teach Yourself Hebrew section of the website.

Learn Hebrew for Free Online
Learn Hebrew for Free Online with LiveMocha

So, let’s get right into the point why you are here. There are a few (actually many Hebrew teaching sources out there on the internet. One of them stands out of the crowd, not because it is a brilliant teaching technique, but because it gets you right into the language through practicing with native speakers. It is LiveMoch. (check the website and continue reading, this is very important)

Oh, but LiveMocha looks to me like a traditional language learning technique teaching baby talk, I want more!

If you think this way, congratulations! You are ahead of 99% of Hebrew language learners who prefer easy material than effective ones. But actually the reason why I am recommending LiveMocha (of course if you can’t afford Pimsleur) is two reasons

  1. It offers you what Rosetta Stone offering, but with zero dollar cost.
  2. It connects you with native speakers, which is the most important privilege of it.

LiveMocha gives you the chance to have Israeli and other Hebrew native speakers (born-abroad Israelis) to review your exercises and guide you on how to fix your language mistakes.
Can I use LiveMocha with other Hebrew learning methods I am already using?
Yes! Actually I would advise you to do so. Do not rely on the language material that LiveMocha is offering, in fact it is has some shameful mistakes and it is certainly insufficient. But, nevertheless, You have to take advantage of the exercises there called “submissions”, since they are reviewed by extremely-generous Hebrew native speakers.
I still strongly recommend Pimsleur for you, it will give you confidence and natural Hebrew language skills, away from the baby talk courses that cost you an arm and a leg. And after finishing one or two Pimsleurlevels, go to LiveMocha and start testing yourself and get feedback from Hebrew native speakers.
No matter what the method you will take is, all the best to you, and NEVER lose interest or let something bring you down, you want to speak Hebrew, and you can do it.
If you have any question, never hesitate to ask me, I will do my best to answer truthfully and will try to look with you for answers that I do not have.

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    1. Hey David! Thank you for the kind words, it’s YOU who is great! Just needed a boost here 🙂
      I don’t know if you are a subscriber to my mailing list, if not, try to subscribe here. I hardly send emails, though. I try to do send a mail with the latest news in Israel and latest Hebrew-learning materials every one or two weeks.
      Try to get yourself a decent Hebrew course. I suggest you download the free FSI Hebrew Course here:
      Have a great day.

  1. I really want to learn how to read and write and understand Hebrew as well as learning to speak it. However, I can’t afford to pay for courses at this time. Can you please help me???

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