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Maariv English NewspaperMaariv is one of the best selling Israel newspapers, probably comes second to Yediot Ahronot. But the newspaper isn’t all that lucky when it comes to finances.
Maariv has come across one financial cliff to another during it’s long life, which forced her to can many of its employees and even to stop publishing on one day due to a strike.
Maariv English (officially known as Maariv International) was a victim of that poor financial performance of the Maariv Publishing Group. it was shut down in 2005.
Here you can find more about that story on Haaretz.

Maariv English Articles

Still, Maariv publishes some articles in English from time to time and there are a few articles of the retired Maariv English that you can find here and there. Some of the articles that I found interesting are here:

The Trap of Self-Delusion

This article is about what some claim to be an “apartheid” system inside the State of Israel that holds prejudice against Arab Israelis living inside the state.

We Will Not Capitulate

This is rather an “emotional” article, proposing a speech by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Still, the article states many facts that are usually neglected.
A Homemade Genocide
This article talks about how the Arabic-speaking countries are self-destructive and that many of the cliches used against Israel are off base.

Maariv Israeli Newspaper HQ in Tel Aviv
Maariv Israeli Newspaper HQ in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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