Menorah Sucks as a Gift for Hanukkah – 3 Things to Consider

Truth is, Hanukkah comes every year. Chances are, everybody already received a Menorah as a gift for Hanukkah. Not to mention, they already own one themselves; or a few.

It’s more like receiving a Christmas tree every single Christmas. Doh! Right? People like to be surprised, they like to be happy and content. Repetitiveness is surely a boring thing.

Image source: The Atlantic

3 Things to Consider When You Buy a Gift for Hanukkah

1- People have a shopping wish list. Yes, even if it’s not on Amazon, they have it in their head. 

We all want to buy things that we can’t necessarily afford or have the time or the trigger to buy. Depending on who you are, how old you are and what your income is like; this can be a car or a lollipop!

Having said that, it is worth being a little more considerate and compassionate. Ask questions, get that private detective inside of you to show… Do your research.

2- You don’t have to buy an expensive Hanukkah gift every single day for 8 days.

You won’t be buying an iPhone X on First day of Hanukkah, Fossil Smartwatch for the second day and an Alexa Show for the third. You don’t have to worry.

But by all means, if it’s your significant other, your kids or your parents; you absolutely need to splurge a little bit with one gift for Hanukkah as a seasons, then continue with the cheap gelt and cookies as you go along.

3- You don’t necessarily have to buy a gift if you can’t afford one.

Your well-being and your financial security is very important to yourself, your significant other and your family. Sometimes you can really be creative with almost $0 spent. 

Nothing comes for free, this is why a good Hanukkah gift with not much money spent has to come with lots of effort and thinking from your side; consider these Free and Cheap Hanukkah Gifts that will Blow Their Minds.

Just do yourself a favor, and themselves too. Just don’t buy yet another Menorah.

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