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Mini Israel. Israel ToursPlease note that I am not an affiliate or working for Mini Israel. I am not promoting it in any way, I am just promoting Israel!
Mini Israel is a park in Israel that gives you a chance to visit almost everywhere in Israel within walking distances. You won’t have to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem just to see the Western Wall, it’s all in there. As you probably heard its slogan, “see it all, small!” Israel tours at its best.
If you are not familiar with miniatures, let me directly tell you that they are places where you can find small replicas of important touristic figures, like a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty built in Texas for those who can’t make it to New York to see the real statue.
Anyway, enough chatting, here is what you need to know about Mini Israel:

Location of Mini Israel:

Mini Israel is located right in between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is very close to Ben Gurion Airport, only 15 minutes away, I believe. (you probably been there if you’ve been to Israel, it’s the only international airport in the country).
Here is a map showing the location of Mini Israel from Ben Gurion Airport:

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Important Figures to See at Mini Israel:

The place shows almost everything that is famous in Israel. The Knesset, the Israeli Supreme Court, the Western Wall, just to name a few.
The place also features “divine” places from all religions and sects.

Tickets of Mini Israel

The regular ticket that most of you would need, costs 69 Shekels (around 19 US Dollars).
If you want you can have a small guide/brochure for 15 Shekels (around 4 US Dollars).
You can also watch an awesome 3D movie for only 10 Shekels (3 US Dollars or less).

Pictures of Mini Israel:

I will leave you now with a few pictures of the place, and if you need more information, you can scroll down and find more links of the project’s official website as well as a few more resources. Have a wonderful day…

Western Wall at Mini Israel
Western Wall at Mini Israel

Bahai Gardens at Mini Israel
Bahai Gardens

Founders Memorial at Mini Israel
Founders Memoria

Ben Gurion Airport at Mini Israel
Ben Gurion Airport

External links:

Mini Israel Official Website (Hebrew and English)
Mini Israel on Wikipedia (English)
Mini Israel on Wikipedia (Hebrew).

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