My Mission!

About YOU!

Since you are here, you are probably:
A) Someone who learns or wants to learn Hebrew.
B) Someone who is interested in Israel and wants to learn more about its political and social construction, and wants to stay updated with Israel news.
Or you are both of them! Which means you would benefit 100% of this website, because it was designed to just fit the kind of person you are.

Whoever you are… Welcome on board…

About me!

I am a university student, at the Hebrew Literature Department at Cairo University. That means I take subjects such as Hebrew language, Jewish History, Journalism in Israel, Israeli Sociology and so forth. Sounds cool, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t!
The sad fact about education where I live is that it’s always dictated by politics and religion, so the chances of you learning some “truth” are so dim! History, so is reality, is always kept under control.
And that was far from being cool. It was stupid.
So… Though I don’t have as much publicity, power or money as a giant organization like the Cairo University, I thought I should still do my part and spread the true word about the beauty of the Hebrew language, the Jewish history and the modern State of Israel. This is why I built this website.

About And Its Mission!

Israel Hebrew Website Started in the first few days of 2013. It should help you learn Hebrew and stay informed about Israel, using audio clips, videos and above all, news.
With Israel Hebrew, I am trying to change the stereotypical image of Israel that is being promoted by Arabs here and there, as a nation that is busy murdering Palestinians day and night. And instead show the “other side” of Israel, the Hebrew language and the Jewish history.


Ahem ok ok, I know it might be confusing, but the website is about Hebrew. No! It’s about Israel! No no, as a second thought it’s about Hebrew… To be honest, it’s about both, I can’t pick just one even if I wanted!

How can I help

Actually there are many ways you can help. Let me show you a few:
1: Tell me that my efforts are worth it! It WILL help a lot if you shout me a message and tell me that you are actually reading, that you are benefiting from the materials I spent hours, days, weeks and months to create. My email address is
2: Stay tuned and be my friend! You can subscribe to my website for free and help me reach out to you whenever it is necessary. Needless to say, I promise to never spam you or anything. I hate spam as much as you do!
3: Invite your friends: Do you have any friends or acquaintances who would be interested in this website? Let them know how cool the website is and let them subscribe to it for free.
Send this this link or share it on your FB page:
4: Tell me when an advertisement puts crappy stuff! Some very silly advertisement show up from time to time! “How to convert to Islam”, “Is Jesus really in the Torah?” etc etc. I dislike those ads as much as you do!
So, please whenever you find that an advertisement is offensive or silly, copy the URL of the ad (it’s usually displayed below the ad title, you don’t need to click it and visit their trashy site!) and send it to me, and I will block it from our website, because it’s ours not theirs, right?

5: Stay Smart!

You can help me BIG TIME by staying as smart as you are, being open to changes, being pro-Israel, being willing to read and being willing to criticize.
The more smart people are out there, the more chances Israel, the United States, civilizations and free speech will thrive.
So, please be who you are and never change for the sake of being “normal” or being a part of the “majority”. After all, majorities usually suck!
Talk to you later 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Mission!”

  1. I have been working at learning hebrew and while looking online for the days of the week ,i was taken to your site. I have been on it for 3 hours now! I am old and learning very slowly but happily making progress . i dont go to e-mail very often so i wont subscribe,but i plan to be here a lot and will be sharing it with a few friends that i am learning with, and have added you to my facebook. I SO appreciate all the work you have put into this site-it is fantastic! Todah Rababa!

    1. Thank you very much, Nini.
      I am so glad you liked the website and the dictionary and frankly speaking, you are not missing much at the moment by not being on the mailing list; I hardly have any time or chance to email my list. Plus, I honestly don’t like to receive many emails, so I take the initiative not to send many as well.
      Are you using the worksheets? Or it’s not your style?
      Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests.
      All the best,

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