Naftali Bennett Says Habayit Hayehudi “Used to Be a Religious Party”

Naftali Bennett Video Message
“Habayit Hayehudi used to be a religious party, but how I see it now is a bridge between the religious and non-religious”! Naftali Bennett’s first few words on his new video message series.

Naftali Bennett, the Chairman of Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home Party) just launched a new series of video messages to the English-speaking public and the world, showing them who he is and “what’s going on in Israel”.
Interesting to me is how he started it…
With all this Israeli coalition talks going on, Bennett keeps on proving he’s very flexible, to the extent that would be considered as a betrayal to his voters, who voted for his party because it represented itself as a right-wing bloc party!
Naftali Bennett said literally that Habayit Yehudi “used to be a religious party” and now he sees it “as a bridge between religious and non-religious“.
This is not a huge surprise, since Naftali Bennett agreed with Yair Lapid (with whom he has nothing in common except for wanting the Haridim to serve in the Israeli army), they agreed that neither parties would join a coalition without the other!
Here is the first video of Naftali Bennett, agree or disagree with his views, but you have to admit that his Israeli-American accent is really nice:

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