OTZMA LEYISRAEL (Michael Ben Ari) | 2013 Israel Knesset Elections Parties

Official Name: Otzma Leyisrael
Leaders – Michael Ben Ari, Aryeh Eldad
MKs in current Knesset – 2
Latest Haaretz poll – 2
After breaking away from the National Union, Michael Ben-Ari, an acolyte of the late racist Rabbi Meir Kahane and Aryeh Eldad, probably the last politician in the Knesset to describe himself as a “Revisionist Zionist” and actually know what that means, have joined forces to form a list appealing to the most far-right elements in Israeli society.
Most of the figures in the top slots on the list are either prominent settler activists or Kahane’s disciples or both, but many within the far-right are critical of the party since they believe it has little chance of crossing the electoral threshold. A few polls have given them a chance of success but some potential voters will surely be skeptical for fear of wasting their vote.
Otzma LeYisrael (Strength for Israel) distinguishes itself from the rest of the right-wing by not only swearing undying allegiance to Greater Israel but also promising to “take care” of Israeli Arabs and foreign workers.
If the party succeeds in entering the next Knesset, there is absolutely no question of them entering any coalition. They will remain an implacable opposition to Netanyahu from the right, calling him out on every “compromise” and “concession.”

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