Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 16

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As RandyPimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 16daw requested, here is the Hebrew transcript and transliteration of unit 16. I haven’t heard the whole lesson, so I am only going to do the main conversation.

The main dialogue (transliteration)

Miriam: hello dan, ze atta? erev tov!
Dan: erev tov miriam, ma nishma?
Miriam: hakol beseder, todah! dan, atta rotse le’echol arochat erev itti?
Dan: mattai? ha-erev?
Miriam: lo, lo ha-erev. machar ba-erev, beseder? besha’a sheva.
Dan: beseder!
Miriam: atta tirotse leshtot yayin?
Dan: ken.
Miriam: aval ain li yayin (I giggled at that part!)
Dan: ein lach? az ani yachol leknot yayin beshvilech. beseder?
Miriam: ken, todah dan. lehitraot machar ba-erev.

Now in Hebrew?

מרים: הללו דן. זה אתה? ערב טוב
דן: ערב טוב מרים. מה נשמע
מרים: הכל בסדר תודה. דן אתה רוצה לאכול ארוחת ערב איתי
דן: מתי? הערב
מרים: לא. לא הערב. מחר בערב בסדר? בשעה שבע
דן: בסדר
מרים: אתה תרוצה לשתות יין
דן: קן
מרים: אבל אין לי יין
דן: אין לך? אז אני יכול לקנות יין בשבילך. בסדר
מרים: כן תודה דן. להתראות מחר בערב
As you see it’s the first time you are introduced to the future tense. The tav letter (t sound) at the beginning of rotse/want, is the indication that the verb is in the future tense.
Unfortunately, Randy, I haven’t had much time to go through the whole unit, so please if you run across something that you don’t understand in the unit, please refer to it (or them) and I will write you what they are exactly. For example ask me what is that word at 4:35 or what does that phrase mean in 19:20 etc.
Have a great day. I am sorry if this came a bit late, I really had much to do lately, hopefully I will have more time from now on.
All the best, see you in unit 17

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  1. Greetings !
    I am having difficulties with the Hebrew directions. For example, Sometimes I hear ” Ve tee sha loo atah ” or ” Ta gee do ” or ” Tah gee do low “. I think it is stuff like how does he / she say. etc. I would like to get this right.

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