Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 2

Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 2Today, I am doing Pimsleur Hebrew unit 2 (part 1)…
In today’s lesson, there don’t seem to be many new words so far. It is just trying to revise the words we learned in unit 1.
Main conversation transcript
Woman: Slicha, atta mevin ivrit?
Man: Ktsat.
Woman: Atta americai?
Man: Ken, att mevina anglit?
Woman: Lo, ani lo mevina anglit.
New words in this lesson:
Hello or  Goodbye (literally means peace) = שלום = shalom
“your peace” (to a woman) = שלומך = shlomech
What = מה = ma
How are you (literally what’s your peace) (to a woman) = מה שלומך = ma shlomech
Good / well = טוב = tov (remember mazal tov?)
thanks = תודה = toda
How are you (to a man) = מה שלומך? = ma shlomcha (different when pronounced but written the same way you would write it to a woman).
See you = להתראות = lehitraot
So (in the sense of all that much) = כל כך = kol kach
very (like in very good) = מאוד = meod
Words that I often forgot from lesson 1:
Excuse me = סליחה = slicha
P.S. I LOVE these imaginary conversations that we often come across in Pimsleur.
See you in unit 3

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