Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 3

Pimsleur Hebrew part 1It’s a wonderful afternoon here. Sunshine finally and a quiet street outside. So, here goes Pimsleur Hebrew lesson 3…
Main conversation:
Woman: Shalom, ma shlomcha?
Man: Tov toda.
Woman: Ah! atta mevin ivrit!
Man: Ken, ktsat.
Woman: Atta amerikai?
Man: Ken.
Woman: Aval atta mevin ivrit tov meod!
New words and phrases:
But: Aval = אבל
Israeli (male): Yisraeli = ישראלי
Israeli (female): Yisraelit = ישראלית
And: ve = ו
And you (to male): veatta = ואתה
And you (to female): veatt = ואת
Note that:
Unlike in English, if we want to say an American (man) would would say it one way and if we want to say an American (we mean a woman) we would say it in another way, though the two ways are very similar, they are still different:
Amerikai (American)
Yisraeli (Israeli)
Amerikait (American)
Yisraelit (Israeli)
The difference is the last letter (the t sound) that singles out most female nouns in Hebrew.. This letter in Hebrew is tav ת
I have found that there are a few phrases that I tend to forget, they are:
A little : ktsat = קצת
Excuse me: Slicha = סליחה
Very well (in the sense of, all that good!): kol kach tov = כל כך טוב
See you (though it’s very easy and I know it by heart, it is sometimes surprising to hear the Pimsleur teacher asking you say “see you, goodbye”!: Lehitraot = להתראות
So it’s my turn now! Shalom lehitraot! See you in Lesson 4

One thought on “Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 3”

  1. randydaw – March 21
    Thanks Adam. Did you work your way consecutively through these? If so, where could I find the transliterations that are not posted?
    Adam – March 23
    Hey Randy,
    Yes, I have done them myself. The sad thing is that it seems like there is no Pimsleur Hebrew transliteration out there.
    If you find any let me know, if not… We shouldn’t rest till there is one!
    Remember, whenever you feel like there is a word you don’t get, you can always ask me.
    I am off now to study Part2: Unit 11.. Will try to make transliteration of it along the way.

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