Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 4

Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 4Another good afternoon here, feeling kind of sick in my back so I didn’t have a chance to go around my room as I am studying this unit, however, I still could finish it, which was great! Here go my remarks on this Pimsleur Hebrew lesson…

The main conversation:

Woman: Slicha, atta yisraeli? Man: Ken, ani yisraeli. veatt? Woman: Ani amerikait! Man: Aval att mevina ivrit. Woman: Lo kol kach tov. ani mevina ktsat. Man: Att medaberet tov meod. Woman: Todah.

New Hebrew Words

Speaks (female): מדברת = medaberet. Speaks (male): מדבר = medaber.

Things you’ll probably get wrong

It is kind of tricky to destinguish between “medaberet” (speaks for female) and “mevina” (understand for female). Specially when the Pimsleur instructurer takes you by surprise and  says NOW SAY TO HER YOU SPEAK VERY WELL! So pay more attention to these two words. Masculine and feminine versions of the word American (amerikai for male and amerikait for female) and Israeli (yisraeli for male and yisraelit for female). Watch out for that too!

More notes

You speak (to a woman) : את מדברת  = at medaberet. I speak (a woman saying) : אני מדברת = ani medaberet. You understand (to a woman): את מבינה = att mevina. I understand ( a woman saying): אני מבינה = ani mevina.   More to come. Stick around.
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5 thoughts on “Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 1: Unit 4”

  1. zippora March 13
    Lo kol kach tov – I wonder what this means literally
    Adam March 13
    Hey Zippora,
    לא = lo = no
    כל = kol = all
    כך = kach = so
    טוב = tov = good
    “Not all so good” if we want to translate it literally. That’s how I understand it, at least.
    Where are you now in the course?

  2. randydaw – March 21
    Thanks for doing this Adam. I’m working my way through the course; just finished lesson 8 and am waiting for my extended order to arrive. The transliterations are great… I’ve not done any work yet in Hebrew script.
    Adam – March 23
    I encourage you to, at least, get yourself familiar with the Hebrew alphabet and try to read the Hebrew words here. Even if you just do it one time with each word, that would build up wonderful reading skills in the near future!
    All the best. You make posting here less boring for me!
    Did you check this out? http://www.israelhebrew.com/hebrew-alphabet-chart-song/
    randydaw – April 1
    Thanks for the worksheets, Adam. Working them now….

  3. randydaw – April 1
    I am currently at 1:14. If you have any transliterations from here forward, I would be grateful.
    Adam – April 4
    Hey Randy,
    Sorry, I couldn’t reply earlier.
    I am glad you liked the Hebrew alphabet worksheets, are you through them already?
    I do not really have any transliterations, I am writing them all myself. So please be specific which Pimsleur unit you are going to study next and I will write the conversation transcript/transliteration for you.
    Have a wonderful day

  4. randydaw – April 4
    I started unit 15 of Pimsleur series 1 today, it will take me 2 days to master. So anything from 16 on would be helpful. My trip begins May 10, and I hope to be all the way through series 1 before I go.
    Haven’t worked the sheets yet, plan to start today.
    Thanks Adam!
    Adam – April 4
    Hey Randy,
    I will do my best to post the transcript of Pimsleur 1 Unit 16 tomorrow. At least will write you the main conversation in both Hebrew characters and transliteration.
    All the best.

  5. I just started with Pimsleur Hebrew and have found your transcript notes extremely helpful. I’m up to lesson 5 now, though, and can’t find anymore. Do you plan to do more of them? That would be so helpful! טוב מאוד!

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