How to Say “President” in Hebrew + News About Shimon Peres and Tsippi Livni’s Potential Coalition

President in Hebrew
Will Livni convince President Peres to run for Prime Minister? Only time will tell…

Who is the most influential woman in Israel? Arguably it would be Tsippi Livni, one of my favorite politicians.
Livni fears that Benjamin Netanyahu (who is ironically one of my favorite politicians as well), is too strong to loose the coming elections, and she feels that there is just one man who could win over Bibi. Shimon Peres, the president of the State of Israel.
So, Livni has been talking to Peres on the phone and held a meeting with him in his office on Hanassi Street in Jerusalem. They were not alone, Haarets says that Haim Ramon (former Kadima minister) was at that meeting, trying to convince the president to run for prime minister, hoping that the center and the left will back him.
Apparently this move wasn’t much appreciated by young voters, as I noticed that most comments on Haarets website were about the fact that Peres, 89, is way too old to be a prime minister.
Still Peres seems to be feeling kind of confused about this, he said during his visit to Moscow “I am the president of Israel. I do not and will not concern myself with other matters.”
Now let’s move on to the language…

How to say president in Hebrew

The word for “president” in Hebrew is “nasi”, written and pronounced this way:


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”President in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation)”]
However, unlike we say in English “president Obama” or “president Peres”, in Hebrew we say “the president Obama” and “the president Peres” with “the”. In Hebrew that would be “hanasi” (ha = the)


Pronounced like this:
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The President in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation)”]
You can also check here how to say “prime minister” in Hebrew with related Israeli news about Netanyahu attacking Iran.

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