Sara Netanyahu

Sara NetanyahuName: Sara Ben-Artzi (later became Sara Netanyahu).
Date of Birth: Novermber 5, 1958 (that makes her 55 years old in November 2013. She is almost one year older than her Husband, Benjamin Netanyahu)
Place of Birth: Tivon, Israel (near Haifa)
Education: BA in psychology, Tel Aviv University. 1984.
Master’s degree, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1996.
Current Job: Career Psychologist.
Sara Netanyahu is the wife of the famous Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
But this is not everything about the woman, Sarah Netanyahu has always been a very important figure in the Israeli political and social scene, sometimes in good and sometimes not very good ways….
She also has a profession as a psychologist in education and career. She finished her higher education at the Tel Aviv University, and later finished her masters at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The first degree was completed in 1984 while the second in 1996.

Sara Netanyahu Dress

To dress or not to dress!
Sara has always been a very good-looking woman. However, she can’t stay out of criticism for too long…
At the 19th Knesset swearing, Netanyahu wore a dress that most Israelis seem to have considered… let’s say, not very well chosen.
The dress was very transparent. It showed her arms, shoulders and worst… stomach! And with Netanyahu having people on his right and his left (politically), everybody took that chance to show his family as an “inappropriate” image of Israel. Here are a few pics of Sara Netanyahu wearing that particular dress:
Sara Netanyahu Dress
Sara Netanyahu Dress
Sara Netanyahu Dress

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