Story of Helen Keller in Hebrew- הלן קלר

Learn Hebrew with Helen Keller StoryLearn Hebrew with this amazing simple story of the famous Helen Keller and her miracle.
As most of you know, this is a real person, not a fictional character. At the bottom of this page you will find a picture of her signature and a few links you can check out to know more about her.

The Hebrew text:

Learn Hebrew with Elen Keller Story

English translation:

Helen Keller was a blind girl, deaf and mute. What would a girl do who doesn’t see, doesn’t hear and doesn’t speak?
She can touch with her fingers…
Helen Keller had a teacher, who loved her so much. She taught her how to read, to write and to speak with just her fingers.

Helen Keller Signature
Helen Keller Signature

Helen was a diligent student. She finished (graduated) school and university. After that she helped the deaf, the mute and the blind all over the world.

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