TA’AL | 2013 Israel Elections Parties

TA'AL 2013 Israel Elections Parties
Party’s Official Name: Tnu’a Aravit LeHithadshut – תנועה ערבית להתחדשות
Leaders: Ibrahim Sarsur, Ahmed Tibi
MKs in current Knesset: 4
Latest Haaretz poll: 4
This alliance of various Arab factions contended first in its present form in the 2006 elections.
UAL is the political body representing the Islamic movement in Israel. In addition to its support of a Palestinian state on all the territory captured by Israel in 1967 and the recognition of the Arab community in Israel as a “national minority,” the party also opposes the separation of state and religion, advocates the independence of Islamic Sharia courts, and its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur has expressed support for the Islamic caliphate though he has clarified that he meant it only for Arab countries. The second MK on the party’s list, Talab al-Sana is a Bedouin politician who opposes the service of Bedouin youths in the IDF.
Ta’al (Arab Movement for Renewal), the second element in the list is a smaller party headed by MK Ahmed Tibi, which focuses mainly on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and equal civil rights for Arab citizens of Israel. The eloquent and gregarious Tibi, who used to be Yasser Arafat’s adviser on Israeli affairs, is a media star and the most prominent Arab politician in Israel. Yet his party has always needed to join forces with another of the Arab parties to ensure Tibi a Knesset seat. It ran once with Balad, then once with Hadash and for the last three elections has been in an alliance with UAL.
Source: Haaretz Election’s Center
Read more about this Israeli political party on the official Knesset website here.

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