O’clock, Hour in Hebrew – שעה (Hebrew Dictionary)

English: Hour, O’clock
Hebrew Translation: שָׁעָה
Hebrew Transliteration: sha-a
Word Type: Noun, Feminine
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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Oil in Hebrew – שמן (Hebrew Dictionary)

English: Oil
Hebrew Translation: שֶׁמֶן
Hebrew Transliteration: shamen
Word Type: Noun, Masculine
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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Once in Hebrew Dictionary – פעם

English: Once
Hebrew Translation: פַּעַם
Hebrew Transliteration: pa-am
Word Type: Noun, Feminine. Adverb
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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On, About, At in Hebrew Dictionary – על

English: On, About, At
Hebrew Translation: עַל
Hebrew Transliteration: al
Word Type: Preposition
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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