Chag Sameach in Hebrew

English: Chag Sameach, Happy Holiday.
Hebrew Translation: חַג שָׂמֵחַ
Hebrew Transliteration: chag saMeyach.
Word Type: Hebrew Greeting.
Hebrew Pronunciation:

America, USA, The United States of America in Hebrew – אמריקה

English: America, The United States of America, USA
Hebrew Translation: אָמֶרִיקָה
Hebrew Transliteration: amerika
Word Type: Noun

Shekel in Hebrew – שקל (Hebrew Dictionary)

English: Shekel (Currency of Israel)
Hebrew Translation: שֶׁקֶל
Hebrew Transliteration: Shekel
Word Type: Noun, Masculine
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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Silence, Quiet in Hebrew – שקט (Hebrew Dictionary)

English: Silence, Quiet
Hebrew Translation: שֶׁקֶט
Hebrew Transliteration: sheket
Word Type: Noun, Masculine
Hebrew Pronunciation:

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