Time in Israel

time in israelIsrael, as you probably know, is in the heart of the Middle East, thus you can’t expect time in Israel to be the same or even similar to your time in the United States or United Kingdom.

Current Time in Israel (Time in Israel Now, Right Now!):

Here is a clock showing the time in Israel right now:

Israel Time Zone

Israel Time Zone is usually abbreviated to: IST (Israel Standard Time)
Israel is usually two hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), so if you live in New York City (which is usually five hours behind GMT) and you want to know the time in Israel, you have to add 7 hours to your current time (5 hours to match GMT and 2 additional hours to match Israel Time).
Here is an example:
Time in New York is 1 PM. We have to add 7 hours to match time in Israel, that means in Israel it’s probably 8 PM.
BUT, if it’s 8 am in New York, when we add our 7 hours, we will get 15, which means 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Israel.
Here is a map of the world time zones, the part with Stars of David is the one that Israel is located in:
Time in Israel (Time Zone)
Another Example:
If I lived in London and want to know the time in Israel, I would have to add only.
So when it’s 1 PM in London, it would usually be 3 PM in Israel.

Does Israel Have Different Time Zones?

No!, Unlike the United States where you could have one time in New York and a completely different time in Los Angeles or Alaska, Israel is a very small (yet beautiful) country, so time in Tel Aviv is the same in time in Jerusalem or Haifa or any other Israeli city, you name it.

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