Yair Lapid From Zero to Hero

Yair Lapid with Benjamin Netanyahu's Bomb
“Zis is za bomb”, said Yair Lapid mocking the famous Benjamin Netanyahu’s bomb graph at the UN. However, Lapid’s graph was about the struggle of the Israeli middle class to pay various facility bills.

Yair Lapid, who once was one of Israel’s many “small-business” politicians, is now a major player in Israel’s political talk.
Lapid, who has now become a big name in Israeli politics has always scored very poorly in Israeli election polls, even those held by left-wing newspapers and institutes. Here is an example…
In this 3-month old Haaretz poll (check the photo below), voters showed that they would give Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party only 7 seats, which would have given the party just tiny power in the Knesset (maybe not as tiny as Kadima who is now the smallest party in the Knesset, after it was the largest when Tzipi Livni lead it).
Israeli Elections Polls
A poll by Haaretz, 49 days before election day. Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party is the the second from the right, on the lower line, with only 7 seats.

Today, as usual, the table has turned around in Israeli politics. Benjamin Netanyahu’s worse nightmare is finally not Tzipi Livni, but rather Yair Lapid, who is now Israel’s next potential Prime Minister if elections were to re-run today, according to the brand new poll conducted by the leading Israeli research institute Maagar Mochot and published on major Israeli newspapers, like MaarivHaaretz and Time of Israel.
If you are feeling curious to know how other Israeli parties did in that recent poll, let me show you around a few numbers:

It is worth mentioning that though Lapid has always performed very poorly in the various election’s polls, he still scored very high when Haaretz asked in a poll “which politician would you like to spend an evening with?”, Lapid scored for the top 7 politicians that Israelis liked the most, right next to Bibi.

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